Listen to our interviews on “Footsteps” radio program

Interview with Andy Napier of TWR
Interview with Andy Napier of TWR

Though we had never met him, we instantly knew his familiar voice saying, “Hi, I’m Andy Napier.” During our years living in Chattanooga, we often tuned into WMBW and listened to his encouraging words in the morning.

Now, Andy serves with TWR and was part of the team that hosted the mission retreat we went to back in May. During our days at the retreat, Andy interviewed missionaries for his radio program, “Footsteps.” We were one of those missionaries. This week, our interview aired. Would you take a moment to listen to the three-part series that describes our work here. Each interview is only a minute long, so it won’t take you that much time.

Click here to listen.

3 thoughts on “Listen to our interviews on “Footsteps” radio program”

  1. Neat! So great to hear your voice and “hear” you speak about the work you and Sarah are doing in Portugal. God bless!

  2. Awesome! Praying for you and your family! Can’t wait to see you all at the Missions Conf. Be great to have you “home” if just for a bit!!

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