August update: Good news from camp

Last week, many of you prayed specifically for the teenagers that went to camp. Thank you! God moved in a special way. Here are some of their encouraging testimonies 

Débora: “I’ve had many doubts about my future and about my purpose here on earth. But after talking with my counselor and my friends at camp, it helped me understand better about my purpose. That made me very happy, and I appreciate your care for me. Thank you very much!”


Joana: “I came to camp filled with doubts. I actually thought about not coming, because I felt like a hypocrite. Over the past two years I turned away from the Lord radically and began to follow the world and all its ways… So when I got here to camp, I just thought I would do my time and then go back to how I was before. But no. I know here at camp it is easy to say this, but I just want to really follow God now.” 

Joana, Carolina, and Paula

Carolina: “I hadn’t been to church in a long time, and I just thought that this would be one more camp that I would go to just to have fun, but still would just leave the same. But while I was there, I came to the conclusions that this is what I want: I want to follow God.”

Vinicius: “I stopped coming to church because I got busy, and I drifted away from God. I always had a ‘reason’, but eventually I just ran out of excuses. I drifted far from God. But at camp, it was as if the ‘reset’ button was hit. I had forgotten how good it was to be at church and how good it is to praise God. This really helped me return to God’s way.”

Carolina, Paula, Alexandre, Patricia, and Vinicius

David: “I really enjoyed camp. I was far from God, but camp really helped me draw near to Him. I feel that God is really convicting my heart about all that I have been doing wrong. Camp was good for me.”

David listening to preaching

Paula: “I was far from God and everything that was good for me… I felt that I really needed this because I needed to grow and learn, and that is exactly what has happened.”

Patricia gave four weeks of her summer to serve on staff at camp. We praise God for her servant’s heart and desire to use her life for God’s glory.

Some of you prayed for Beatriz, and we ask that you continue to pray for her. We are not sure all that is going on in her heart, but she seems to be resistant and distant. Keep praying for her that God will change her life.

This week, many of the teens gathered at church, on their own initiative, to do a Bible study and sing songs together. It was heartening to see those who had not opened their Bibles or sung songs for so long, praising God and reading His Word.

You know that many times teens and kids make decisions at camp that later fizzle out. Pray that this will be a flame that only grows brighter, and that this will only be the beginning of greater things to come in the lives of each of these teens. 

On a final note, we are in the States for a few weeks, mostly to visit family. God willing, we will return to Portugal on August 31st. Thank you for your prayer and encouragement! May we press on in all that God has called us to do and be.

All pictures were taken by Palavra da Vida Portugal