How to make your summer count



She’d come on a 1-week mission trip last year, and this year she offered to come for 6 weeks! Jessica, a college student from Tennessee, offered to give her summer as a missions intern, and what an education she received.

Two different weeks, in two different summer camps, she assisted with everything from serving food to cleaning to counseling. Nothing was too menial or too challenging for Jessica to take on. She showed her servant’s heart by cleaning up bathroom floors when the toilets overflowed. She was also a magnet to young people. She spent many hours talking to the campers who could speak English with her, and even helped a teenager, Ana, accept Christ as her Savior.

Jéssica and Ana
Jéssica and Ana

The other four weeks, Jessica helped with anything and everything that came up. She cooked for a missions team, washed dishes, sang special music in church, visited in homes of church families, helped with church nursery, made song posters and visual aids for Bible club, and decorated the church for a ladies’ meeting.

She also did a ton of baby-sitting. At home, she played with Laura or fed Samuel his baby food while Sarah prepared lessons. She held Samuel during church and Bible club, so we could teach. As some extra activities came up last month, Jessica was God’s provision of extra help. Almost every night, we said to each other, “What would we have done without Jessica’s help today?”



Jessica saw the needs, did what needed to be done, and never looked for recognition. She was our #1 assistant, our sister in Christ, and a very fun friend to have around.

Jessica, we miss you, and we are grateful God sent you this summer!

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