We’re back!

We’re back! After a wonderful furlough, we’ve returned to Portugal, unpacked, and are in a somewhat normal routine. Our furlough was better than we could have expected, and we are grateful for all of the wonderful moments we had while in America. Our time with family and friends was sweet, and many people opened their homes and their lives to us. Sometimes we forget how nourishing a good conversation can be or how much we need somebody to pray with us.

While we had a wonderful furlough, we were ready to get back to Portugal. Upon arrival, we were overwhelmed by the kindness of our friends here. Paula had cleaned our house from top to bottom just before we arrived home. José Balegas and his wife, Eduarda, picked us up at the airport and took us out to lunch before dropping us off at home. Genilson had prepared a basket of food for us. These kind gestures made us grateful for the people God has placed in our lives in Portugal.

What is it like flying with two little kids? Watch our short video and find out.

Flying to Portugal from David Booth on Vimeo.

Overall, the work here continued in a positive direction while we were gone. We dove back in right away, and now we are gearing up for some big events. Would you pray with us about what is coming up next?

First, this Wednesday, Sarah is planning a special activity for the girls in our church aged 10-15. She is burdened to teach them about important issues they face at their age. Pray that God would give Sarah wisdom as she teaches the ten girls who have promised to come.

Pray for our Easter service. While some of the people in our church will be away, we are praying for many lost people to come. Remember João, the boy we wrote about in our last prayer letter? Pray that his dad will come to church with him and his brother.

Our Deaf Easter service will actually be held the week after Easter. Pray that the message of the gospel would shine clearly as never before in the hearts and minds of Carlos, Sérgio, Fernanda, Carlos, Maria, Manuela, and others that will be there. We long to see Deaf saved and baptized soon.

As always, thank you for your prayer. We pray God would bless and strengthen you.

All for His Glory,

David and Sarah Booth

Help needed! The week after Easter is our church’s 2nd anniversary. Could you help us with a special project? We would like to make brief video collage of people like you greeting our church. How can you do this? It’s simple: record a short video (15-30 seconds) on a smartphone and e-mail it to us at booths@boothsinportugal.com What should you say? Here are some ideas:

  • You could record you praying a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for the work in Portugal.
  • You could give a brief greeting or word of encouragement.
  • You could tell the people here how you are praying for them or describe how you have been touched in some way by the ministry here.
  • You could record this video by yourself, with a Sunday school class or small group, or even in a church service, if possible.

If you have any questions, let us know. We think these videos will turn out to be a beautiful testimony of how God is using hundreds of people and many churches for his glory here in Portugal.

Recently I went to a Portugal soccer game with my brother. Listen to 55,000 people singing the Portuguese national anthem.

Portuguese national anthem from David Booth on Vimeo.

looking back… looking forward


It’s hard to believe, but our furlough is over, and tomorrow we fly to Portugal. Six months has flown by, and our whole furlough experience has been better than we could have imagined. We leave with hearts filled with gratitude and good memories.

1. In six months, we travelled 20,000 miles and were in fourteen states. God provided a terrific van that was reliable and spacious.


2. In January and February, while we visited our supporting churches in the area, we stayed at mission houses in Kingsport and Chattanooga, Tennessee . They were an oasis to our family, and we are grateful for the “homes” away from home. Thank you, Temple Baptist Church and Mile Straight Baptist Church, for your gracious hospitality.


Laura and Samuel got to play in the snow.
Laura and Samuel got to play in the snow.

3. During furlough, we visited fifty churches, almost all of whom were already partners with us. Every church we visited was an encouragement. It was sweet to have so many people tell us they read our prayer letters and pray for us; we loved answering people’s questions about Portugal and the people there; and we experienced an amazing outpouring of generosity.

Thankful for so many churches that have a heart to reach the nations (including Portugal) with the gospel.
Thankful for so many churches that have a heart to reach the nations (including Portugal) with the gospel.

4. We got to see lots of friends we hadn’t seen in years. It was great to spend time with them.

Grateful for good friends.
We are humbled by people who pray for us faithfully.

5. One of the big purposes of furlough is to get to spend time with family. We got to see almost all of our extended family, and the moments we shared with parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins was priceless.

Sarah and Samuel made it all the way out to San Diego to see family there.
Sarah and Samuel made it all the way out to San Diego to see family there.
With great-mamaw.
With great-mamaw.

6. The list could go on and on. We loved eating out at as much as we did, and free refills are an American custom worth exporting. We went to zoos and museums, and we got to see again what a great country America is.



This past weekend, I received an e-mail from a pastor with whom we work. He ended his message to me by saying, “There is a lot of work to do.” As we return, we know this is true. Here are some ways you can pray for us as we look forward .

1. We have already said most of our good-byes, but still we ask you to pray for our family as we say leave tomorrow. It will be a long time before we see most of our family again.

2. Pray for our flight and for our kids. Flying with little kids is always a challenge. In the big picture, it’s not a huge deal, but it would be great if we had an empty seat next to us to give us a seat for Samuel.

3. Pray that God would fill our hearts with energy and enthusiasm as we begin our work in Portugal again.

4. Pray that God would give us wisdom to know how to best serve him.

Our time in America was great, but we are excited to be heading “home” to Portugal. Thank you for praying for us!