January Prayer Letter

2017 ended on an encouraging note, and 2018 began with a time of rest and refreshment. Let’s catch you up on where we are.

In December, we had our Deaf service and Christmas party. After a year of up and down attendance, it was a blessing to see twelve deaf present. Once again, we shared the gospel and sang of Christ’s birth, but there was something else encouraging. Vitor, a young deaf man who is saved, stood before the whole group and gave a testimony. It was especially well received among the deaf because one of their own was speaking to them, and not just a hearing missionary like myself. After the service, I asked if he would share again at the next deaf service in January. Two weeks ago, he shared his testimony of salvation and showed a video of when he was baptized. His vibrant witness and joy in knowing Jesus opened up a spirited conversation among all of the deaf about Heaven, Hell, and salvation. Pray that Vitor’s testimony would be used of God to convict many deaf of their need to respond to the Gospel. We see an awakening fire beginning to kindle and come to life among the deaf. Pray that 2018 will be a year of great victory.


While you have read our prayer letters throughout the year, we thought we would just summarize some of the blessings we experienced this past year:

  • We began a deaf service in a second location, which has helped to revitalize the work with the deaf.
  • In the hearing church, we began a Sunday school program. Now, every week we have five classes learning God’s Word together.
  • We baptized five people and added twelve new members to the church.
  • The church began giving to missions and made its first mission trip.
  • The leadership within the church is growing stronger, and many more people are serving in different ministries.

Take a moment, and praise God with us! Great things He has done.

In our last letter, we asked you to pray for Luis, the boy with the brain tumor who was baptized. Until recently, it seemed his condition was hopeless. However, to everyone’s great surprise, his most recent MRI showed that the tumor had shrunk by at least 30%. No doctor expected this, but we believe that God is able to work a miracle. Please keep praying for Luis.


One final blessing was that we returned to the States for five weeks and spent Christmas with family. While our time was short, it was enough for us to visit lots of friends and family and even a few of our partner churches. While most of the time we are separated by thousands of miles, it is a tremendous blessing to know that so many people are praying for us and care deeply about God’s work here. Thank you!

Grateful for good friends

While the past year was filled with blessings, we pray for God to do an even greater work this year. Pray that God would give us strength, wisdom, vision, protection, and an ever-growing love for Christ.

Onward for God’s glory,

David and Sarah

Enjoying a snowy day in Michigan