May Prayer Letter

Spring fever is here.  Everyone is wrapping up school year activities and preparing for the summer. The same is true for us.

At the church we attend Sunday mornings, we wrapped up a 2-month sign language course. Sarah’s deaf tutor, Patricia, was the teacher. Sarah has explained the gospel to her, and Patricia has rejected it, but the church members that took the course were an excellent testimony to her. Patricia was impressed with their eagerness to learn. Thanks to the class, a dozen church members are able to have basic communication in sign language, and the church has gained a better reputation with the Portuguese deaf community.

I have one more month of Portuguese Sign Language classes. Recently, my deaf teacher, Carlos, has met with me several times after class to ask spiritual questions and share about his life. Although he attends church or Bible study only once in a while, Carlos calls me his pastor and is opening up to me more. Please pray for Carlos to have the faith to accept Christ as Savior and live for Him.

Sarah has three more weeks of teaching Religion and Morality classes in the public schools. Since the classes are optional, the students only attend when they feel like it. Sarah never knows how many students or which students will be there. Each week, she goes prepared with several lessons and uses the one that seems most appropriate for who shows up. She has been able to share the gospel with a handful of unsaved students and has encouraged the Christian students to grow. In these next few weeks, students will sign up for the classes they will take next year. Please pray that God will touch the hearts of the students He wants to be in the class next fall.

Meanwhile, we are eagerly preparing for summer. So far, we have scheduled Bible camp, a soccer outreach, mission teams, and a children’s Bible club. Summer is often the most productive time in terms of contacts and one-on-one time with people. We are asking for God’s wisdom as we look forward to these ministries.

The church in Montijo has seen new families visit since we opened the doors last month. We also started Wednesday night Bible study/prayer time. A couple of kids that attended last year’s summer Bible club have been allowed to come to church as well. We are working to strengthen the core group and are thankful for each new person that is coming. We are especially excited about a new person who should start attending in November. That’s right. We are expecting another baby! He or she is due right around Thanksgiving.

Thank you for praying for us and for the people of Portugal!