3 thoughts on “Video of Laura”

  1. What a wonderful video. I know I shouldn’t laugh but between the hiccups and the sneeze, I couldn’t help myself. The pictures are great. When I look at the with the full page view they are almost life size. Please keep posting as it makes it seem as though you aren’t so far away. With lots of love to you all, Aunt Michele

    1. Hi Aunt Michele,

      Glad you enjoyed the video. I have watched probably five times already. She is fascinating. We will keep updating with plenty of pictures and videos. Hope you are doing well.

      Love you,
      David, Sarah, and Laura

  2. Hi David, Sarah and Laura!

    I can’t tell you how much I loved your videos and pictures. Laura is beautiful and sooooo sweet! Watching it brought back a flood of memories of when my little ones were newborns. She is absolutely adorable! I also have to say that whoever giggled in the video of the nurse dressing Laura for the first time warmed my heart. It was so precious to hear the excitement in the random chuckles of the person filming that video. Best wishes to you and your awesome family. May God pour out his love on you as you raise the sweet blessing he has given to you.

    Gloria Hammond

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