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Our end of the year thank you note

As we reflect on the year gone by, we can’t help but be filled with appreciation for all that God has done.

We especially want to express our gratitude for you. We are thankful for:

  • People who read and watch our updates and deeply care about the work of the gospel here in Portugal.
  • The twenty-two people from our partner churches who came and served with us this year. They encouraged us greatly, and their work is bearing fruit to this day.
  • The hundreds of people who faithfully pray for us every day or week. God hears and answers your prayer.
  • The messages of encouragement, cards, Skype calls, and letters we receive.
  • The many churches and individuals that support us financially. It never ceases to amaze us how God provides for every one of our needs and even beyond that. Thank you for giving generously so that we can serve here in Portugal.

We pray that God will fill your lives with great peace and joy in the year to come.

With love,
The Booths

We were blessed to attend David’s brother’s wedding in the States and see his family . . .
. . . and on the way back we saw Sarah's parents in Central America where we climbed these Mayan ruins.
. . . and on the way back we saw Sarah’s parents in Central America where we climbed these Mayan ruins.

Enjoy a few more pictures from our travels:

It has been a long day.
It has been a long day.
Chick-fil-a makes us happy!
Chick-fil-a makes us happy!

img_1851 img_1903

David with his family
David with his family
With gramps
With gramps


Trying to get a decent family picture

Yesterday at church we tried to get a family picture. Despite taking almost 50 shots, we were left with only one or two that turned out okay. While we didn’t have much success, we did have some good laughs. Enjoy!

Laura – “When will we ever be done with this???”
“If you don’t start smiling I am going to have to hold your face into a smile!!!!”

IMG_1120 IMG_1111 IMG_1110 IMG_1105 IMG_1099 IMG_1082 IMG_1081 IMG_1073

Samuel is born!

On Monday, November 11th, at 5:55 pm, Samuel David Booth was born. We praise God for the birth of our son, and are grateful that both he and Sarah are in good health and already back home. We are truly blessed!


Big sister is ready for little brother


Proud daddy


Quality time with Uncle Andrew

Pictures from our time in America

Better late than never… Here are a few pictures from our time in America:

We visited the Smokey Mountains. This is a pretty church we drove by.
Laura enjoying being outside
At the aquarium


Reading with Papa
Baking cookies with Nana
Playing with cousin
More fun with cousins
Reading with Aunt Anna
What fun! Opening Christmas presents
At the park with Gramps
Good times with Granny
Long trips require long naps
Enjoying being with friends


Laura’s birthday

Recently Laura celebrated her first birthday. We had a terrific time with her. On Friday after our Bible study, we had a little party for Laura with all of the people who had come. It was a special moment, and it was neat to see how much they love Laura too.

The next day, we had a kid’s party for Laura. We invited several of families with kids in our apartment building with the hope that it would also be a way to build a relationship with them. Thankfully, two families and their kids came. It was their first time in our home, and they seemed to enjoy it. Laura also enjoyed having several little friends to play with.

One of Laura’s birthday cakes
Another birthday cake!
All set for the party
Laura happy about having her friends over

The aftermath of a one year old’s birthday party
Grateful for one year!