January prayer letter

Dear Friends,

We arrived back in Portugal last week from our five week visit to America. It was wonderful to see family and friends, and it was encouraging to connect with several of our partner churches. What blessed us most was seeing how many people are faithfully praying for us and really do care about God’s work in Portugal. Sometimes we forget that there are many hundreds of people who are, in one way or another, working together with us. To each of you who read our updates and pray for us, thank you!

Now that we are back, we are eager to pursue what God has in store for us this year.  We have seen good progress during the two and a half years since we have been here, but we long for so much more. Would you pray with us fervently to see God work in these four ways?

1. Pray that souls would be saved. We have not seen any people saved lately, and because of that we are praying that this would be a year where this spiritual drought will end. We know that God is the one that brings salvation, so we trust that He will do His work in the lives of many people to whom we are witnessing.

2. Pray for the church plant in our town. God willing this will be the year that we rent our own building and begin Sunday services. Pray that this church would have a healthy beginning, and that the Lord would add people to His church.

3. Pray that we will have regular Bible studies with the deaf. This past year we have met sporadically with a small group of deaf. Now we hope to meet with them regularly. Pray that the deaf in Portugal would have a desire to know God and His Word

4. Pray for our outreach to kids and youth. In the spring we will continue our outdoor neighborhood Bible club. Also, Sarah is beginning to teach religion and morality classes in one of the high schools in our town. Pray that these efforts will be fruitful.

Most of the times when we write our prayer letters we include stories of what has happened recently. This time we wanted to do things a little bit differently, and encourage you to pray for us and give you some tools to help you do that. Because of that, we have included a prayer guide that we hope you will use.

Finally, pray for Sarah. Today, she was admitted into the hospital with a possible kidney infection. She will be there for several days, and we ask that you would pray that the doctors would know how to treat this.

Thank you praying with us! We are looking forward to sharing how God answers our prayer.

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