Update for the week

This is an exciting week for us. On Friday, we once again have our Bible study. We have invited several more people to come, and we are hoping to have at least one new person come.

In this Bible study, I am doing a series called “Following Jesus: Discovering the truth about Jesus Christ through the eyes of the Apostle Peter.” This week we will be studying Matthew 14:22-33 where Jesus calms the storm and Peter walks on water. In preparing for this lesson, I am understanding a little bit more clearly what it means to really trust Jesus. I don’t have near the faith Peter had. Even though he took his eyes of Jesus and began to sink, at least he got out of the boat. If I had been there, I wouldn’t have even thought to do that. The amazing truth is that Jesus invites us to trust Him with everything. As weak as our faith may be, He says, “Come.”

One other big event this week is the ladies Christmas tea that Sarah is hosting on Saturday. She would be the first to tell you that she doesn’t feel adequate or cut out to do “Ladies Ministries”, so please pray that God would give her strength and grace. She will be giving a short Christmas devotional to the ladies that come. Pray that God would give her the words to say.

Thanks for praying for us! We’ll let you know how it goes.


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