98%! We’ve almost reached our goal!

This past Sunday afternoon, we gathered at the river to baptize four young men. They boldly declared that Jesus is their Savior and told of how God was working in their lives. While the baptisms were special, there were other encouraging moments.

Knowing that there would be other people at the beach where we did the baptism, we did two additional things: 1) picked up several bags of litter on the beach, and 2) prepared gift bags with water bottles, chocolates, tracts, and information about our church to hand out to all the bystanders. We gave away every gift bag we brought. Paulo, the man who was baptized just last month, eagerly led the way. At the end, he said, “We need to do this more often. People need to know how urgent it is for them to be saved.” Amen to that!

Less than two months ago, we shared with you our goal of raising $100,000 toward the purchase of our new building. At the time, we had no idea how God was going to provide for a goal that seemed almost impossible to us. However, God is more than able! We’re thrilled to share with you that we have reached 98% of our goal of $100,000 for the building fund. We are humbled, extremely encouraged and motivated by the outpouring of generosity that we have seen from so many churches and individuals. Perhaps even this week we will surpass our goal. What a mighty God we serve!

We still need you to pray fervently for our bank loan to be approved. There are two banks who are evaluating our application, but this process is taking a long time. In their words, “This is an unusual case. We don’t normally make loans to churches.” We have until June 22nd to finalize everything, so please pray with us that our loan would be approved and that we can move forward with signing the final papers. The same God who has provided almost $100,000 is the same God who can move in this situation to cover the rest of the cost of the building.

We say this almost every letter we send to you, but, once again, we want you to know how grateful we are for you. So many good things are happening and great opportunities are before us. It is a joy to serve Jesus together with you!

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