March Update: Buying a Building

We can’t wait to share this news with you! 
In our last update, we spoke of how we had found a building that the church hopes to buy. Since then, God has answered prayer and opened doors as only He can do. We are moving forward by faith to purchase this building. Thankfully, this huge step is not just our own vision. Over the past month, we’ve had two church member meetings, and each time the church has voted unanimously and joyously to move forward with the purchase of this building. 

Click here to see a video of the building

Why are we buying a building?

  • It is a testimony of faith. This is the biggest step of faith we have ever taken as a church. Already, we can see God working in a mighty way in our congregation, and there is an excitement and a sense of responsibility toward what God is calling us to do. More than buying a building, God is at work in our hearts. Furthermore, we believe this building will be a testimony in our city of how we are a church that loves Jesus, preaches the Bible, and is here to stay. 
  • It strengthens the church. As church-planting missionaries, our aim is to plant churches in Portugal that are autonomous and are working to plant other churches. The church in Montijo having its own building is a huge step forward in making this possible. Little by little, the members of the church are assuming greater roles in leadership, giving more generously, and serving in more areas. Our prayer and desire is that this step will be a catalyst to further growth in our own church, and also the beginning of a movement to plant more churches in the future.

Where are we in the process? 
This past Tuesday, we sat down with the owner and real estate agents, and paid $41,000 (from the church’s funds) as part of the down payment on the building. We now have 90 days for God to provide the remaining $379,000. (Please see details in the Quick Facts box below.) While this is a far greater task than we are capable of doing, we are confident that God will provide and guide us each step of the way. 
How can you help? 
Since we began serving the Lord here, we have felt your prayers, encouragement, and support. So much has happened over the past 12 years, yet we are more excited about what God is doing here than ever before. We ask you to pray fervently for us that God would make a way and provide what we need to purchase this building. We also ask you to consider giving towards this project. Your partnership and vote of confidence in this step means far more to us than the amount of any gift you may give toward this project. If you are able to give, we have a special fund set up for this project through our mission agency. Everything given though this fund will go toward the purchase of the building.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!  

Our love be with you all in Christ Jesus,