November Update: A Wonderful Sunday


Six months ago, I walked into my Sunday School class, and I cried. Like an evacuated apartment in the town of Chernobyl, my classroom was frozen in time.  The attendance chart listed the Sundays through the rest of the spring, but the stickers all stopped in March of 2020. The children’s photos were now outdated. When attendance capacities were put in place, dozens of chairs were removed from the sanctuary and stacked in Sunday School rooms where the children once learned. Hence, my heavy heart and my wet cheek. I mourned the lost moments of teaching and growing since we had placed those last stickers one year earlier.

“God,” I prayed. “Please let this pass. Let these chairs be full of people in the sanctuary again, and let the children come back to these rooms to learn about you!”

Last week, there were new sights and sounds in the Sunday School rooms. Chairs were moved! Nails were pounded into walls to hang decorations! Floors were swept to put rugs and kid-sized chairs again. I was skipping from room to room, giddy with excitement. And this Sunday, I stood in my Sunday School room, and I cried again. A new student had entered my room. Her Mom teared up as well. So did other Sunday School teachers who told me how their students had prayed, memorized verses, and had deep thoughts about God. THE KIDS ARE BACK! SUNDAY SCHOOL IS BACK! FULL-CAPACITY CHURCH IS BACK!

The pandemic has taught us much this past year and a half. For me, it has given me new perspective on the privilege of meeting together. When the “stickers stopped” that Sunday, we had no idea it would be a year and a half before we would be able to meet again. Thank You, God, for answering prayer. Help us use each encounter to invest in people for eternity.

Our love be with you all in Christ Jesus,
David and Sarah