See what’s happening in Portugal today

This month, we took a big step as a church: we began Sunday school! Come with us on a guided tour.

In one corner of the church, the sounds of children singing rings out. Ruben and Susana, a young couple, are teaching their class to memorize the books of the Bible through song.

Learning the Bible
Learning the Bible

Next door is the 3-5-year-olds’ class. While they are fewer in number, their teacher, Carla, is no less dedicated. She spent many hours last week making a puppet stage. She’s using it now to teach the kids the story of creation.

At the other end of the building, Pedro and Filipa, another young couple, are teaching the teenagers about Ephesians 6 and spiritual warfare.

Moving on, we see a class we never expected – the Deaf class taught by our missionary colleague, Amanda Bloom. Up until this year, we had always had separate services for the Deaf. But, a handful of the deaf want to meet each week for their own Sunday School and join the interpreted church services as well. Portuguese Sign Language lacks many religious signs, so, today in Sunday School, Amanda is explaining what a prophet is, and the deaf are deciding what sign they will use for “prophet”.

Finally, in the main area of the church, Sérgio is teaching the adults about wisdom from Proverbs.

Click the link below to watch the video guided tour:

Seeing all of this makes our hearts soar with gratitude and excitement. The most gratifying part in all of this is seeing the dedication of the teachers and how they are beginning to disciple the lives of those in their classes.

Sometimes we write prayer letters and fail to give you clear ways to pray for us. This time, we want to give you a list. We need you to:

  1. Pray for our family. Pray that God would protect and bless our marriage. Pray for Laura and Samuel to grow to love God with all their hearts.
  2. Pray that God will give us great wisdom to know how to best use our time. We don’t want to waste the momentum and growth that we are seeing presently. In the weekly routine of life, we want to make the most of the good things God is doing and the opportunities that are before us.
  3. Continue to pray for an awakening among the deaf. It is encouraging to see 4-5 deaf in church every Sunday now, but pray for others that seem to be drifting away (Carlos, Sergio, Julia, and Carli).
  4. Pray for Paula. She has been coming faithfully to church for nine months now. She takes meticulous notes during the messages and asks great questions. Pray that she will soon call on Jesus to save her.
  5. Rejoice that some of the people who had fallen away in the past, such as Florbela and Horácio, seem to be coming back to the Lord. Pray for others such as Mario, who continue to stray.
  6. Pray for souls to be saved. God is doing a beautiful work in Montijo, yet there are thousands who still need Him as their Savior. We want to be a church that supports those within while continuing to reach out.

It’s a joy to serve our Savior together with you. May God bless and strengthen you today.

3 thoughts on “See what’s happening in Portugal today”

  1. Thank you for sharing and for the video. It is always good to put faces with names and things we are praying about. WOW, God is so good to show us his tender mercies through these many answers to prayer. Do not fail to enjoy this season of blessing and the “mountain top”. And your request of prayer for the church body to be discipled and loved while still reaching out to the unchurched is right on target. This is a struggle even for more established churches, but I believe this is key to a healthy body of Christ in our time. Love to all.

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