What’s happening in Portugal?

I hurried down the hall of our town’s high school into my Religion and Morality class. I had about a dozen other things I needed to do, and I wasn’t in the mood to be there. Lately only two or three students had been showing up for class, and my motivation was lagging. This day would be the same; only two girls came. We sat down, I handed out Bibles for the girls to use, and I was about to begin my lesson. One of the girls, Cátia, looked at the Bible in front of her with a mix of confusion and curiosity. “Have you read the Bible before?” I asked her. “No, I haven’t.” She replied. “Actually, this is the first time I’ve ever opened a Bible.” I sat there thinking about the significance of the moment, and it struck me that there was nothing on my “to-do” list more important than this. We turned to the Gospel of Mark, and we began to read the words of Christ. Pray with us for Cátia and for the classes I teach.

Over the past months, we’ve written about several different people. Let’s catch you up on them.

Remember Sheila? This past summer, we gave out over 7,000 invitations to our church, and she was the only one who responded. She has come to church ever since, and this past Sunday, we had a baby dedication ceremony for her daughter. Six of her unsaved family members were present and heard the gospel preached. Sometimes the fruit of our work takes months to appear.

We also told you about Paula, a lady who lives just around the corner from our church. This past summer, she had family from Africa come and stay with her. Since they are believers, they brought Paula with them to church one Sunday. Paula’s family has since gone back to Africa, but she continues to come to church faithfully. There is no one who listens more intently to the messages and takes more copious notes than she does. She is carefully considering what it means to follow Jesus. Pray that she will soon make that most important decision.

This past spring, Sarah led Marina to the Lord. Through the ups and downs, Marina is growing in her faith. Sarah continues to disciple her every week. Despite the challenges, Marina is learning that Jesus is enough even when He is all she has.

Many of you have prayed for Carlos, our deaf friend, for many years. Recently, he hasn’t been coming to our deaf church services, mostly because he keeps a very busy schedule. Keep praying for his salvation, and pray that the cares of this world would not suffocate the truth that has been planted in his life. Carlos is very influential, and when he misses church, at least four or five other people also do not come. Don’t stop praying for an awakening in the deaf in Portugal.

Finally, we want to mention our missionary colleagues, David and Michelle Wears. They are currently raising support to come to Portugal as church-planting missionaries. We look forward to the day when we will be able to work together with them. Take a moment to visit their website: www.wearsportugal.com and pray for them.

Thank you for caring about what God is doing in Portugal. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Laura and Samuel exploring a castle
Laura and Samuel exploring a castle

5 thoughts on “What’s happening in Portugal?”

  1. As I think on the idea of “Thanksgiving”, I thank God for salvation, for a reason to be thankful. God not only sent His only Son for my salvation, but allowed His Holy Spirit to impart that truth to my heart and gave me the heart to accept Him; He gave the same sweet Spirit to my family that all of my immediate family have accepted Him as their Savior; There are very many, such as yourself, in my extended family that have accepted His truth. And there you are proclaiming His truth to others in a far land! God is so gracious that He gives us just a small part in this big wonderful redemption plan of His! Regardless of circumstance, in all of my weakness, God is so good. Is–being an active participle–He has been good, He is at this very moment good, and His promises and His nature are that He will remain good. Tell Laura and Samuel to stay sweet. And all of you be refreshed and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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