May Prayer Letter

After church on Easter Sunday, eight-year-old Beatriz came up to me and shyly said, “I want to ask Jesus to be my Savior.” I explained the gospel to her, and after she prayed we announced the news to everybody who was still at church. We clapped for joy, shed tears of happiness, hugged her, gave her a new Bible, and prayed for her. For almost two years, she and her older sister, Joana, have been coming to church faithfully. Last year, Joana made a profession of faith. For Beatriz, it took a little while longer to understand the gospel, but she finally did.

The next week, João, the troubled boy who loves to come to church, would not talk of anything except wanting to ask Jesus to be his Savior. So, that is exactly what he did. It is exciting to see these young lives wanting to follow Jesus.

Sarah took advantage of the young people’s spring break to have a special activity for the girls. There are many “tweenagers” in our church who are torn between their new lives in Christ and the messages they receive from the world and their unsaved families. Sarah felt burdened to talk to the girls about purity, modesty, etc. and to remind them of how precious they are in God’s eyes. More than a dozen young ladies showed up, and it was a very special time for all of them.

Girls' activity
Girls’ activity

For all the stories of hope we share with you each prayer letter, there are just as many painful situations in our church. As I opened my Bible to preach this past Sunday, I looked out over our congregation and saw so many hurting people. In fact, I could point to almost every single person in the room and tell a story of heartache and despair. I’ve been preaching a series on revival and overcoming. We’re asking God for wisdom as we try to help our church members through this refining time.

We’re thankful for the two deaf services we’ve had since we returned. Each time, we wonder how many will come. Some months, our numbers are lower or higher, but we are always surprised at who God brings.

We met five new deaf people from our area this month, and word is getting around about the deaf church. The deaf are asking good questions, and there are tears in their eyes every service. We are doing the best we can to reach them, and God wants them saved even more than we do. Please pray for Him to break through in His perfect time.

Recently we made some upgrades in our church. We put in a little kitchen, hung some beautiful banners, updated our entryway, and put up some shelves for our library. The funds to do this all came from love offerings we received while on furlough. Thank you for your generosity.
Sunset over the Tejo River.
Sunset over the Tejo River.
Samuel and Laura enjoying a sunny day.
Samuel and Laura enjoying a sunny day.
Would you believe this is a hospital where we took one of our kids for an appointment?
Would you believe this is a hospital where we took one of our kids for an appointment?

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