November news

We have been having a great furlough so far. It has been a good mix of spending time with family, visiting our churches, seeing friends, doing some fun activities like trips to the zoo and museums, and getting to rest. This past week, we were in Wisconsin. For the next two weeks, we will be at churches in Michigan. Then, the week before Thanksgiving, we head to Virginia and Maryland to visit a couple churches there. So far, we have visited twelve churches. In each of them, we have found many brothers and sisters in Christ who showed us great love and kindness. It still amazes us that there are so many people who read the updates about ministry in Portugal, pray for us, and care about what God is doing there.

This past Sunday, the Deaf church had its first service since we left Portugal. We are grateful for missionary colleagues who are doing such a good job continuing the work with the Deaf. At this service, they celebrated the first year anniversary of the deaf church. Praise God for the six Deaf that came! They are asking many good questions and are excited to continue to learn more about God. We really believe that we are on the verge of seeing many great things happen with the Deaf in Portugal.

On the far left is Amanda, the missionary to the Deaf that just recently arrived. Then there is Elena, Carlos, Manuela, Fernanda, Carla, and Sergio. On the far right is Joyce. We have been working Joyce and her husband Cal to reach the Deaf since we first arrived in Portugal. They have been a tremendous blessing to us.

In other news from Portugal, we are encouraged by the overall faithfulness of the people in the church in Montijo. However, we need your prayer. Some people are discouraged, others are battling challenging situations, and still others are simply making choices that are leading them away from the Lord. Pray especially for Horacio, the man who was recently saved and baptized. He has been writing me expressing some of his doubts. Pray that God would strengthen his struggling faith.

Below are some pictures from our recent journeys. Thank you again for your prayer and friendship!

Making a joyful noise at a children's museum
Making a joyful noise at a childrens museum
Laura playing doctor at the museum
Laura playing doctor at the museum
Family selfie in Chicago
Family selfie in Chicago
What is this?
What is this?
Watching the sea lions
Watching the sea lions

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