Back in the USA

We’re back! It’s time to catch you up on our month of travels.

September 11th we flew out of Lisbon, and, after 2 flights and 15 hours, we landed in Detroit, Michigan. It was wonderful to be greeted by David’s parents, and Laura and Samuel have certainly enjoyed their time with Nana and Papa.

After two weeks of visiting local churches, we hit the road! God provided us with a fantastic van, which we broke in with visits to churches in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Iowa. We were so glad to see Sarah’s grandfather and four generations of her family in North Dakota. It was also the week of Sarah’s birthday, so she got to celebrate with family all week long. Samuel saw snowflakes for the first time while we were in North Dakota. (Yes, in the first week of October. Brrr!) When wind gusts reached 55 mph, Laura didn’t want to get out of the van. She said, “No. I don’t like windy!” Sarah enjoyed seeing one of her elementary school teachers and taking the kids to the park where she once played as a girl. We also visited a wild life museum with giraffes, a polar bear, and dozens of other animals that a local farmer had hunted around the world.

The last two days of our trip, we visited a church in Iowa that had sent us a mission team last summer. We enjoyed visiting with them again and updating them on their friends in Portugal. The next day, we drove from Iowa to Michigan and started a conference that night at David’s parents’ church. The church was generous and loving, and we enjoyed sharing about missions in the meetings and activities each day.

The past month has flown by with 7 churches and more than 3,000 miles. Thanks for keeping up with us as we share the work in Portugal with the USA.


Afternoon playtime with Nana
Afternoon playtime with Nana


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