A good weekend

We had a good weekend.

On Saturday, we had our Bible club in the park. As usual, we had around 15 kids come. Most of them have come just about every single week this summer.

A lot of times we wonder how much these kids are actually taking in as there are so many distractions. On this occasion, while Sarah was teaching the story of Saul’s conversion, I tried valiantly to make sure the kids were focusing on the lesson. Cars honked, dogs barked, kids poked each others, and almost everybody seemed to be completely tuned out from the story.  It seemed like an effort in futility. Finally, we bowed to pray and Sarah gave a simple gospel invitation. One boy, Cristiano, raised his hand. Later, after club had ended I explained the gospel to him, and he prayed to receive Christ. Amazingly God’s Word can penetrate hearts even through the distractions of honking cars, barking dogs, and fidgety kids.

Talking with Cristiano
Talking with Cristiano
We made super hero masks for the craft on Bible club. Behold our super heroes!
A Super Cute Super Hero

IMG_0857 IMG_0851 IMG_0848

On Sunday, we had our second baptismal service as a church. It was a sweet and joyous afternoon.

Many of you may remember reading about Horacio’s conversion story a few months ago. He continues to grow in his faith and in his understanding of the Bible. He told me, “Last week, at our family lunch, I told my everybody that I was getting baptized. They weren’t very happy, but I have made my decision.” At his baptism, none of his earthly family was present, but he did have his spiritual family. Dr. Quica, the first person to share the gospel with him, was able to come to the service. Pastor Santana, the pastor who led a small Bible study in our town for several years also was able to come as well. Horacio was very touched to see these people who are so special to him.

Florbela, too, didn’t have any family present. Genilson and Meire, one of the core couples in our church, met her about 8 years ago. Their daughter, Deborah, became close friends with Florbela’s daughter, Catarina. Eventually, because of Genilson’s witness, Catarina was saved and began going to church. Florbela became curious and decided to start attending church too. Finally, last November, she understood her need to be saved.

Horacio and Florbela have one interesting thing in common. They both met Christians about 8 years ago. 8 years is a long time, but God used the faithful witness of Dr. Quica and Genilson’s family to finally bring about conversion. Looking into the eyes of Genilson, Meire, and Dr. Quica, I could see the joy they shared in seeing the fruit of their prayer and witness.

How about us? Will we invest in people today even if we only see fruit many years in the future?

Genilson and Meire with Florbela (in the middle)
Dr. Quica sharing about how she first met Horacio in her clinic

IMG_0907 IMG_0911


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