Will you pray?

Today we begin two of our busiest and most importante weeks of this year – one week of camp followed by one week of hosting a missions team . We believe that God will use these two weeks in a mighty way, but we ask you to pray with us.

Today we are taking 12 campers to youth camp and sending 3 kids to a different childrens’ camp. Inês, Patrícia, Felismena, Ana, Tatiana, Carlos, Patrícia, Andreia, Lígia, António, Felipe, and Iago will all be with me at youth camp. These campers range in age from 11-15. Each one of them have different spiritual needs. Some of them are not saved.

Yesterday we sent Nicole, Joana, and Beatriz to kids camp. Pray for these girls that God would work in their young hearts.

Did you know that in our prayer letter we asked for if any of you wanted to give to help send a kid to camp? As of today, every kid has a partial or full sponsor. Thank you! The cost to send 15 kids to camp plus buy needed supplies is well over $1,000. God provided every cent we needed!

This week, pray that God would fill us with his joy as we serve. Pray that God would protect each camper physically and spiritually. Pray that there would be kids and teenagers saved. Pray for strength and grace.

The week following camp, we host a mission team from Iowa, but we will update you more on that later.

Thank you for caring about the work God is doing here! Have a great week.


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