Looking back on Opening Day

It is hard to believe, but this time last year we were busy preparing our church building for “Opening Day.” Take a moment to watch the video below to see what our building was like when we first got the keys and compare it to what it looks like today. It is amazing. A year ago, it was a moldy, dirty, ugly building. Today, it is clean, painted, well-organized, and comfortable.

It is hard to find a good building for churches in Portugal. The longer we are here, the more convinced I am that we are in the very best building possible in our whole town. Our rent is affordable. We are close to the center. Parking is relatively easy. And for Portugal, our church building is very large. Over the past year, we have have worked hard to make it an inviting place.

All of this required a lot of money. While the people in our church here have given generously, and other churches in Portugal have helped, the bulk of the funds needed to rent and renovate this building come from people like you and churches like yours. To be precise, we have spent over $12,000 from our supporting churches in America to make this building what it is today.

Buildings aren’t everything, but they are important. I believe we are reaching many people in this town because we now have our own building and are able to have Sunday services.

This past Sunday, 40 people sat on chairs bought by a supporting church in Chicago.

13 kids sat in a Sunday school room with tables bought by a church in Michigan.

The curtains were bought by a couple of deaf churches in Iowa and Texas.

The list goes on, and we want to thank you for helping make it possible. Little by little, this church plant is growing with your help. To God be the glory!


Fernando leading the singing
Fernando leading the singing, and Flávio playing the guitar
Genilson teaching
Genilson teaching

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