What a start! Update on first Deaf service

During this past weekend, we heard from so many of you assuring us of your prayer for the deaf service. Some of you even woke up at 6 AM just to pray for us at the start of our service. Your prayer encouraged and strengthened us greatly.

Six deaf people had promised to come. Sunday morning arrived, and instead of sending six people God sent seven! Some of them are friends you have prayed for during the past several years:

Carlos, our best deaf friend, has been our tutor for religious signs. He is very intelligent and a leader in the Portuguese deaf community. He gave the welcome and introduction at the service.

Carlos and Maria, our elderly deaf neighbors, came. It was the first time they had been to church.

Fernanda, an older deaf lady that lives a few blocks away from us, also came. Afterward, she enthusiastically encouraged everybody to bring their friends next time.

Eugénio is the deaf teenager we interpret for in another town on Sunday mornings. He enjoyed going to a deaf service where he could communicate directly with everyone.

Inês is a hard of hearing young woman who has already been saved. She has been explaining the Bible to Vítor, a deaf young man who recently moved to the Lisbon area. Both of them came to our first service.

It was such a blessing to share the story of the prodigal son and of God’s love to our deaf friends. We long for all of them to one day know personally the amazing grace and love that God has for them. Thank you for praying for us and for each person who came. We hope you enjoy the video summary of the service.

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