October Prayer Letter

 Every Wednesday, I have a Bible study with three teenagers. Two of them, Tatiana and Carlos, made professions of faith at camp this summer. The third, Patrícia, did not. This week, after our Bible study, I asked Patrícia, “We have talked a lot about the importance of salvation in Jesus. What do you think about this? What is holding you back from asking Jesus to save you from your sin?” To my surprise she replied, “I was waiting until camp next year to make that decision.” Needless to say, I reassured her that she didn’t have to wait for next year. She could be saved today! So, that is exactly what happened. Praise God Patrícia repented of her sin and trusted Jesus to save her.

Remember the outdoor kids’ Bible club we did all summer? At least seven of the kids that came to that now attend church regularly. Each week, Sarah is teaching a classroom full of kids while I preach to the adults.

In our last prayer letter, we asked you to pray for José Balegas, a man in our church who was going to teach a music class as an outreach to the community. Last Saturday we had our first class. Eleven people came, five of whom had never had any contact with the church before. This is a big deal here, and it is what we were hoping and praying would happen.

It was also exciting for us in several other ways. One, it was encouraging to see people in the church taking the lead in reaching out. Then, the next day, one of the women from the music class came to church for the first time and brought her husband along. This couple lives in the neighborhood where we did the summer Bible club. Over the past two years, people from our church have taught their daughters in Bible club, taken one of the girls to camp, brought them food, given them clothes, taught them music classes, and prayed for them. When I saw them at the service on Sunday, wearing clothes that someone in the church had given them and getting help looking up verses in a Bible, I thought, “How beautiful when believers work together as the body of Christ.”

 As we praise God for the work He is doing among the hearing people in our town, we have one big prayer request we would like to leave with you. On Sunday, November 4th, we will have our first deaf church service in Portuguese Sign Language. Honestly, we are nervous. As hearing people, the Deaf view us as outsiders. Portuguese Sign Language is our 4th best language, so we still struggle to communicate sometimes. Yet, we have spent 3 years studying the language, building relationships with the Deaf, and answering their questions about the Bible. If we wait until we and they are 100% ready to have a church service, it will never happen. In ourselves, we are not capable of doing this, but we believe that this is what God would have us do now. We have no idea who will show up or how it will go. Please pray that we will clearly communicate the message that God wants to whomever God brings that Sunday. We have seen God work in tremendous ways during the past month.

Praising God with you!