Expecting great things from God in 2013

We arrived in America on December 10th, and we have been enjoying seeing family and friends as well as visiting some of our partner churches. On January 16th, we fly back to Portugal, and get back to work there.

It has been encouraging to see people who have faithfully prayed for us since we have been in Portugal. Their questions and interest in what we are doing makes us realize that we are not alone. Indeed, we are part of an army of people and churches who are devoted to seeing Christ glorified in Portugal.

We are excited about the year to come, and we are praying that this would be a year of growth and blessing.

Here are some ways to pray for us during 2013:

1. Pray that God would prepare our hearts for the work ahead. We can only be truly effective in our ministry when we are walking close to God.

2. Pray that God would give us wisdom as we plan to rent a building and start Sunday services this spring.

3. Pray that Sarah would be able to connect with many people through helping teach “Religion and Morality” classes in a high school in our town.

4. Pray that we would reach many kids with the gospel when we start Kids’ Club back up this spring.

5. Pray that this would be the year where we could have regular Bible studies with the deaf.

6. Pray fervently for souls to be saved. We saw a lot of good things happen in 2012, but we long to see more people turn from their sin and trust Christ as their Savior.

Thank you for your prayer! May God bless you as you begin this year.

A recent family picture
A recent family picture

One thought on “Expecting great things from God in 2013”

  1. What a beautiful picture. So glad your family was able to be together for Christmas. Thanks for the specific prayer requests. My family prays for you every day. And I believe God wants us to be specific in our prayers–so we will be. May God bless your new year. With love,–Ann

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