Some recent pictures

Laura enjoying some pool time
Some pictures from kids club. During the month of September, we had 25 different kids attend
Preaching at the “Fundamentals of the Faith” conference
Group picture of the pastors and missionaries present at the conference
Sunset in Lisbon
At the playground with Laura
Happy family
Night race through downtown Lisbon. Nothing like running through narrow streets with thousands of people.

One thought on “Some recent pictures”

  1. How fun to look at the pictures! That little Laura is surely a beautiful little girl. I pray there will be fruit from the seeds sown at Kids Clubs ~ and your other work there, too.

    Fall is beautiful here in southwest Minnesota ~ ~ though we are very very dry. We’ve had unusually hot weather for September and into October, but the forecasters are saying that “Tomorrow will be a wake-up call!” It will only be in the 40’s and MAYBE up to 50. We are a bit spoiled, as we’ve had many 80 degree days this fall.

    You are in my prayers frequently and I appreciate your prayer letters. Am still praying for the salvation of your barber.

    Will say goodnight ~ ~ it is 8:45 p.m. here in Minnesota.

    In Christian love and prayers, Donna D.

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