August prayer letter

“Meu Deus é tão grande, tão forte e potente nada há que não possa fazer!”  My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do. The voices of ten kids echoed through the park on a cloudy Saturday morning. For a year, I had tutored these kids in English, and now we were teaching them something even better: the Bible. In the first two weeks, we had 15 different children and met 3 parents. Please pray for us as we teach these children, many of whom are hearing God’s Word and the message of salvation for the first time.

July is camp month. This year, I preached in two Bible camps. Many young people aren’t allowed to go to church during the year, but their parents let them come to camp. Several have been saved over the past couple of years, and this one week is their chance to learn more about the Bible. We had tears in our eyes as campers came forward asking God to give them courage as they return to their unsaved family and friends.

Two weeks, ago a team of seven people from one of our partner churches came to visit us. They passed out 6,000 tracts, helped another missionary with a building project, shared their testimonies at our Bible study, helped us with our kids’ Bible club, and spent many hours with people to whom we minister. We’ve already gotten a call back from one of the tracts they distributed, and we expect to see Maria at our Bible study soon. We’re thankful for the work this team did and for how they encouraged us.

In the hustle and bustle of camp and teams, we saw good results of our everyday work as well. We completed (and passed) Year 2 of our Portuguese Sign Language courses. Sarah and I had to speak hard truth to a few people we disciple. One hasn’t changed, but two had tender hearts and asked for us to pray for them to do what is right.

Finally, this month, we celebrate two years here in Portugal. Looking back, we are amazed by how God has led us and the work He has done. As the children sing at our Bible club, our God IS so big, so strong and so mighty. We praise Him for:

The small group of believers who are meeting together in this town and are working and praying toward starting a church.

Several deaf people who have learned the gospel and are now meeting to study the Bible.

Thousands of homes in Montijo that have received a gospel tract and dozens of people that have had the gospel clearly presented to them.

Children who are memorizing Scripture and hearing what God has done for them.

Looking forward to year 3!

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