Will you pray?

I often spend more time planning and preparing for an event than I do in prayer. Somehow it is easier for me to write a message, reply to e-mail, strategize about the future, or go out and meet people than is it for me to get down on my knees and pray. Yet, this is what I need most.

With this in mind, would you take moment and pray with us about these upcoming opportunities?

Camp. During the first week in July, Sarah and I will be helping several other missionaries with a youth camp. Last year, camp was a tremendous blessing as five kids made professions of faith, and the entire week went very smoothly. This year, it seems there will be more kids than ever before. Pray for me as I preach each night. For several of these kids, it may be the first time they hear the gospel.

During the second week of July, I will be speaking each night at another camp. Pray that God would use both of these weeks to draw young people to Himself.

Missions team. During the last week of July, we will be hosting a missions team of seven people from a church in Tennessee. We are excited to get to minister together with this team, and at the same time we are praying that God would show us exactly what we should do.

More contacts. While we have been in Portugal for almost two years now, meeting new people remains one of our top goals. Up to this point, it seems as if we meet new people in spurts. Lately, we have not met as many people as we would like to. Pray that God would show us where we need to be and what we should do in order to gain new relationships and build friendships.

On an unrelated note, Portugal today is celebrating making it to the Euro 2012 semi-finals. Most of the nation is fixated on the successes of Team Portugal as they fight for European soccer championship. For a country as small it is, Portugal certainly should be proud to have as much success in soccer as they do against far bigger countries in Europe.


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