Thankful for a good week!

Here are some highlights from last week:

1. As I mentioned before, the youth activity on Tuesday went very well.

2. Our sign language class on Wednesday was encouraging. Slowly, we are making progress in learning Portuguese Sign Language.

3. On Friday, our Bible study was well attended. I spoke from 1 Corinthian 15:1-4, and focused on two questions: What is the gospel? and What should our response be to the gospel? 

4. On Saturday, I passed out tracts with a man named Genilson who comes to our Bible study. We were able to place tracts in almost 1,100 mailboxes. Along the way, we both were able to have some good conversations with people. I spoke with two men, Zé Manuel and César, for almost twenty minutes. They approached me and asked me what I was handing out. I explained what I was doing, and Zé Manuel replied candidly, “Well, I have to admit that I have been a little upset with Jesus Christ.” For the next several minutes, he shared his sad story of how his wife had died leaving him to care for his two daughters. I explained that the Bible is wonderful because it doesn’t try to cover up the fact that we all experience sadness and difficulties. It is filled with people who asked God hard questions about suffering. I then continued on and shared briefly of the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ. Please pray for these two men that I would be able to speak with them again soon. To those of you who prayed for our tract distribution, thank you! God is answering your prayer.

So how can you pray for us this week?

Our biggest prayer request is for the team of four deaf women from Tennessee that we will be hosting this week. We will be going to deaf associations and schools to meet deaf people, build relationships, and share the gospel. On Sunday (April 15th), we are planning to have a “Big Event” where we are inviting all the deaf in Lisbon to come to an evening of American food, games, and activities. Besides that, we will also have a time of singing Christian songs, a testimony, and a Bible story presented in sign language. This week has the potential to be a big breakthrough in our efforts to reach the deaf here. At the same time, we are unsure of how everything will turn out as many of our plans have had to be changed. Pray that God would open the doors for us to make strong contacts with the deaf, and that He would provide many opportunities to speak of His love. 

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