What have we been up to lately?

That is a good question. Sometimes we look back on a week and wonder where it all went.

Here is a brief update on what has been happening.

  1. Our most recent Bible study was a blessing. Though we did not have any visitors, it was perhaps our best time yet. Everybody was excited to be there, and we enjoyed sharing blessing and prayer requests. Please pray for our Bible study this week that God would work in the hearts of each person present and that He would be glorified.
  2. On Sunday, I taught Sunday school and preached in the morning at the church where we are attending. I taught on the book of Haggai and preached from 1 Corinthians 15:1-It is always a privilege to get to preach God’s word.
  3. Last week, we had three different couples over to our home either for a meal or for dessert. All three are the same age as we are, and we are praying that God would continue to provide opportunities for us to share the gospel. We are always glad when we can use our home to have people over.
  4. Laura is four months old today. She is such a joy and is growing quickly.

Otherwise we are enjoying getting to do what we are doing here. Some days we wonder if we are making much progress, but then we are reminded that it takes many days of plowing and sowing before we get to harvest time.

Our living room ready for Bible study
4 months old

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