Excerpts from our December prayer letter

Dear Friends,

The aroma of cookies, cake, and apple cider filled the air. The women of our Bible study wanted to have an event to invite other ladies of the community, so Sarah hosted a Christmas tea. We were pleased to have twelve women come, four of whom were unchurched. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon filled with crafts, music, games, and a brief devotional that Sarah gave. Afterward, two of the women asked about coming to our regular Bible study.

Speaking of the Bible study, in November we started having it every other week. Besides the core group, we have had one visitor come…

…Please also pray for more of our contacts to begin coming to the Bible study.

This fall I started playing basketball with a group of guys that are 30-50 years old (even though I am still 29). Meeting men this age is a challenge, so this activity is a perfect way to do just that. People here think that because I am American I should be a good basketball player. I have dispelled that myth.

Since the beginning, we felt that the pace of our sign language classes was extremely slow. We wanted to learn more quickly. Also, as Laura gets older, it will be harder to keep her quiet and still during a three hour class. We needed a plan B. God provided an answer through a deaf lady in our town, who now comes to our home and teaches us several hours each week in addition to our other classes. It is making a big difference. We hope to have a Christmas party with her and several other deaf friends.

Looking back on 2011, there is no doubt that we have been blessed and that God is working in lives here. Onward to 2012!

All set for the Christmas tea
Family Christmas picture


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