A good night at Bible study

Since we asked you to pray for our Bible study last night, we want to give you an update about what happened.

As you know from our recent prayer letters, we are now having a bi-weekly Bible study in our home with several families that live here in Montijo. All of these families are saved and have a desire to see a Baptist church planted in our town. With this goal in mind, our plan is to meet in our home for six months, and then, God willing, move forward with beginning weekly meetings that would be the beginning of a church plant.

Last night, we pretty much had the normal group of people that have come in the past. There was one lady in particular that we had invited that we were hoping would show up. Unfortunately, she didn’t. However, we will keep praying and persevering with hopes that she will come next time.

Despite not having any visitors, the Bible study itself went very well. There’s a sweet spirit and everybody seems to genuinely enjoy our time together. Just having people in our home to study the Bible is an amazing blessing and answer to prayer. As I was setting up chairs, I couldn’t help but thank God for where He has brought us so far.

Of the many contacts we have in our town, there are five or six people that we are especially hoping will come to the Bible studies over the next month or so. Join us in praying that God would bring more people.

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