Thankful for your prayer

A couple of days ago we asked for prayer for our visit to the immigration office. We are thankful that all went very well. Our documents were accepted, and we are now free to live in Portugal for another two years.

We also learned that it is a big advantage to have a baby along for things like this. Even though there were many people there, we were always seen to the front of the line and given VIP status (Very Important Parent). It’s very nice that so many places in Portugal offer priority to parents with babies and pregnant women. Last year when we went, our visit lasted five hours. This time we were out in under 1.5 hours. Who says having a baby slows you down? Another big blessing was that we were able to get Laura legalized for two years as well. We didn’t expect to be able to do that seeing as we are still waiting for her U.S. passport, but in the end we did.

We postponed our first lesson with our Portuguese Sign Language tutor, so we don’t have much to add in regard to that prayer request. Here are some recent pictures of Laura:

Feeling a little grumpy

Who did my hair like this?

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