How can you pray for us?

It’s humbling to know that there are many people praying for us. That being said, here are some ways we need your prayer.

1. On Wednesday we go to the immigration office to renew our residency visas. While we think we have everything in order,  we never know until we actually leave there. Please pray that God would give us the patience we need and that we would be prepared for our big day.

2. Also on Wednesday we start having a tutor come to our house to teach us Portuguese Sign Language. In addition to the class we are taking on Saturday, we will now also have lessons for two hours every Monday and Wednesday. We feel that learning Portuguese Sign Language is one area that has gone much slower than we anticipated. Because of that, we are hoping that this extra effort will pay off.

3. On Friday we have our bi-weekly Bible study in our home. We have invited a couple of new people to come. Please pray that they would show up. Please pray for me as I give the Bible study that God would give me the words to say.

Thanks for your prayers! Take a moment and send us a note to let us know how we can be praying for you.

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