Excerpts from our September prayer letter

This past year, we’ve been trying to obtain a Portuguese medical document for Sarah. As with most documents, these are obtained through prayer, patience, and being sent in circles to a dozen different offices. About 3 weeks ago, we went to the medical center (again) to meet with a doctor who could maybe help us. He spent 10 grouchy minutes telling us why he couldn’t help us, and then sent us away without the document (again). But, while we waited for the appointment, one of our deaf friends walked in . . . with another deaf lady named who also lives in our town. We enjoyed chatting with her for several minutes and it was evident that day that God sent us there, not to obtain our document, but to make another contact in town. Amazingly, the week after, as soon as we walked up to the counter at the same clinic, they handed us the document with no problems. After a year of trying, God provided what we needed just before the baby arrives.

While we continue to build relationships with lost people, we are thankful that God has also allowed us to meet brothers and sisters in Christ right here in our own town. This past Friday night in our home, 17 believers joined hands, bowed their heads, and prayed for God´s guidance in beginning a church in Montijo. By the time everybody left the dinner and Bible study, it was after 1:00 in the morning. As Sarah and I put away the leftovers and tidied up a bit, we were deeply grateful for what had happened and hopeful for the future. Since June, we have been meeting each month with this group of believers which now includes us, three families that live here in town, another missionary couple, and a pastor from a church in a city 30 minutes from here. In our previous updates, we asked you to pray that God would help us start a Bible study in our town. God answered that prayer, but in a different way than we first envisioned. There is much potential with this group, but we also need much wisdom for how to proceed from here. The first week of October, I am meeting with some of the men of this group to pray about and discuss the next steps we should take. Please pray that God would show us what to do.

In other news… We will be starting Level 2 of Portuguese Sign Language classes on Oct. 1st. Sarah is now 8 months along in her pregnancy, and we look forward to our daughter being born by the end of October. We continue to strengthen our relationships with people we mentioned in past prayer letters.  All of this is possible in large part because of your prayers and partnership. Thank you!

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