August News

Sunset at camp

Last month, I helped at a camp put on by two other Baptist churches here in Portugal. There were seventeen kids present that were mostly middle school to high school age. It was a wonderful week of great fun with activities such as kayaking, scavenger huts, games, sailing, and swimming. Each night, I had the opportunity to preach. On Tuesday, I spoke from John 14, and, afterward, five kids made a profession of faith. What a joyous evening! To me the highlight of the whole time was to find out that one

A view of the campsite

more girl placed her trust in Christ as Savior on the last day of camp. Two of her friends, who had been saved at camp the year before, talked with her in her tent and led her to the Lord. It is exciting to see people saved, but it gets even better when you see those people sharing their faith with their friends and spreading the gospel themselves. One other blessing of the week was getting to work together with other missionaries. It is neat to have everybody use their talents and gifts in different ways to make possible a week of camp like that. Seeing those six kids trust Christ made me hunger even more intensely to see more people here do the same.

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