End of May Update

Sarah’s Conversation

“What’s that one story in the Bible where God destroys a lot of people? I think there was a boat in it.” One of my classmates asked me this question after school one day. She and another classmate are from an Asian country that is largely unreached by the Gospel. Yet, she had read some of the Bible and had questions. Using the story of Noah, I explained how the people had disobeyed God and then refused to enter the ark and be rescued from the flood. She asked how it was fair for God to punish them. I told her how long God had warned the people through Noah, and how generous it was for Him to offer to save them in the first place. I had shared the Gospel with this classmate once before, so I connected the story of Noah to how God offers us salvation today. The expression on her face turned sincerely sad. Beckoning with her hand to the other classmate, she said, “But that means that WE will not go to heaven, because we do not believe!” The truth of that statement brought tears to my eyes. I emphasized the importance of accepting salvation from God. The girls asked to talk with me more about this when they returned from spring break. We recently purchased some Bibles in the native language of these students. Please pray for both of us to clearly present the truth, and that these two girls and our other classmates will accept Christ as their Savior.

David’s Encounters:

Every time we meet somebody new is a cause for excitement. Most of the times, meeting people happens on purpose, but sometimes God provides unexpected opportunities. Maybe you are wondering, “So how is it that you meet people?”

Example 1: On April 25th, Portugal celebrated “Liberty Day.” In 1974, the Portuguese overthrew their government which was a dictatorship and instituted a democracy. During the week, I went to one of the parks here in town, sat down on a bench, and began talking with some of the old men who congregate there. I asked about their experiences during that momentous occasion, and I listened as they told stories of how life was back in the “good old days.” Since then, I have been back several times to talk with Daniel, Cristiano, and José (all men in their seventies or eighties).

Example 2: I recently volunteered to help at a youth center where kids come after school to get help with their homework. Three days a week, I go for a couple hours and help kids with whatever they’re working on that day. This has been a tremendous way to meet many children as well as to get to know the other workers.

Example 3: Last week when we went to sign language class, we had a substitute teacher. The teachers and students travel up to an hour from any direction to get to our class. As we were talking, we discovered that this teacher lives within walking distance of us! After class that night, we gave her a ride home and promised to meet with her again soon. She is now the third deaf person that we have met that lives in our neighborhood. Praise God!

We are thankful for all the people God has put in our lives this month, but there is one more person we are especially looking forward to meeting: We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a baby in October. Sarah is doing pretty well, and we are anxiously awaiting the day when we will meet this little one.

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